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The Publishing Process is a complicated one. There are many companies that offer publishing services to aspiring authors. The question of Why Choose OKPC is covered here on another page. Here though, we go over the ins and outs of what it takes to make a book!

The Publishing Process – Or, Books from Me to You!

Step 1: Formatting Your Book

Formatting is the first major step on the publishing process. It begins after the content for the publication has been gathered. Most of the time, when people come to OKPC they already have their stories or images complete, but on occasion they still need images to flesh out their content. OKPC can help connect you with local artists to bring your story to life. With the gathered content, OKPC puts this in a format that global printers will accept. This means an easy transition to e-books, and the ability to distribute your books around the world!

Step 2: Proofing Your Book

The next step in the publishing process is proofing. This does not necessarily mean proof-reading, although that does play a role! What this process involves is taking the print-ready portion of your book and getting it sent to the printers. This is the first time you will be able to hold your book in your own hands. This is often a powerful experience for writers who have worked so long and hard to get the project to this point! This “proof copy” is then perused by both author and publisher to ensure there are no errors before moving to the most exciting portion of the publishing process.

Step 3: Printing Your Book

The third step in the publishing process is the culmination of hours of inspiration and perspiration – your book is finally printed! The initial print run looks different for each person, depending on the amount of copies expected to sell. This can range from 50 copies to 1,000 depending on the style of book and the effort you are planning to put into the promotion process.

Step 4: Distributing Your Book

The final step in the publishing process is distribution, or getting your book into the hands of consumers. OKPC, in partnership with our sister company Okanagan Publishing House, is able to offer a state of the art digital storefront through our website. OKPC also has access to physical distribution channels such as Ingram, to allow your book to be purchased by giants like Indigo or Barnes & Noble. We also offer digital distribution through Amazon.ca, Rakuten Kobo, and Apple Books.

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