Our Publishing Story: Local Roots, Global Reach

OKPC is a division of Okanagan Publishing House, founded in 2014 in Vernon BC and now based in Kelowna BC. Right from the start, our concern and care was for the stories that mattered to our Okanagan community. Inspirations which came to creatives while cooling off on a hot summer’s day at Kalamalka Lake or Skaha Beach. Poetry refined and memorized during a brisk walk by Mission Creek on an autumn afternoon. A family heirloom told from generation to generation finally written down during a snowy winter’s night. These are the stories that inspire us to create and to share.

Throughout nearly a decade of publishing experience, we have delighted in seeing our authors and illustrators share their story around the globe. The world is changing quickly, and we have done our best to keep up! When we started we distributed at home here in the Okanagan, through local coffeeshops and bookstores. While we never forget our home community, our books are now distributed around the world. From Australia, to China, to Brazil, to France, or books have been purchased all over the globe!

One Call Does it All!

At OKPC, we come beside you and help you through the entire publishing process. We start with formatting, ensuring that your work is ready for print and easily converted into an Ebook. The we turn to editing and proofreading, to ensure that the book does not only look good, but it has proper grammar and structure. Next is printing, and local distribution through our online store and sales channels. Finally, we offer distribution and sales, making your story available around the world and helping with social media training. Interested in learning more? Check out our Services page or fill out the contact form below!

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