What Does it Cost to Make a Book?

Getting your book from “pen and paper” to “printed and published” can seem intimidating. It is a complicated process, but with our help, it’s not overwhelming. OKPC takes our years of experience in the publishing industry and turns it into an accessible program for you. We help you out with all parts of the publishing process.

Unlike some other book industry publishers, we don’t sell “packages” – we want to customize everything to your vision of your book.

The Process in Action

Below is a list of the services that we offer to each person who publishes with us. This is non-exhaustive – it doesn’t include all our services – but it gives you a good idea of what we offer and the many steps it takes to make a book!

Part 1 - Manuscript Preparation
  • Manuscript Preparation

  • Royalties - 75%-100% of net profit on each book

  • 100% Copyright Ownership

  • Non-Excusive Contracts

  • Content Formatting

  • 3 ISBNs & Barcode (Softcover Edition, Hardcover Edition [if manuscript meets requirements], eBook Edition)

  • Promotional Copies

  • Editor’s Manuscript Evaluation

  • Back Cover Copy

  • Content Editing

  • Final Proofread

Part 2 – Design & Production
  • Custom Book Cover

  • Custom Interior Layout

  • B&W or Full Colour Interior

  • Early Cover Design Access

  • Advance Reader Copies included FREE

  • Work with Designer to Create Book Design

  • Electronic Book Proof

  • Physical Book Proof

Part 3 – Publication & Distribution
  • Okanagan Publishing House Online Bookstore

  • Available for Purchase through over 50,000 Booksellers

  • Worldwide Distribution

  • Ebook Distribution – Okanagan Publishing House Bookstore, Amazon Kindle (with ‘Look Inside’ feature), Google Play Books (with ‘See Inside’ feature), Apple Books, Rakuten Kobo.

  • Book Marketing Basics Video Course + Toolkit

  • Author Landing Page

  • Social Media Training & Coaching

  • Amazon Author Page

Because we create a package for each book we publish, there is no “set cost” for launching your book.

For example, a 24 pg illustrated children’s book does not take as long to edit as a 350 pg non-fiction book! Our base cost for publishing is $1,000, and our average price is $1,500.

Get in contact with an OKPC rep to talk more about your specific project and how we can make it come to life!

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