Divorce, Remarriage & Leadership: Gospel or Law?

Divorce, Remarriage & Leadership: Gospel or Law? is a book by Alan J. Niebergal that explores the role of divorce and remarriage in a church setting.



8/31/20221 min read

About Divorce, Remarriage and Leadership: Law or Gospel?

What do we do with divorce in the church?

We can approach this issue of divorce, remarriage, and leadership based on a law which was never Jesus’ intention or we can base it on the gospel, which includes restoration and grace. God’s people are to be known according to Jesus by their practice of grace, truth and love. The same love they have received, they are to extend to others based on the truth in God’s word. Therefore, we must be good stewards of knowing, interpreting and applying God’s word.

There are many views on this issue, at least five of which are stated. How we live this controversial issue out expresses our relationship to God and our testimony to Christ. Will we be known for legalism, antinomianism, or the way of Christ? We are called in Christ to live the Royal Law of Christ. The church can find His gracious and glorious way and practice it fully.

About the Author:

Alan J Niebergal is a former Baptist pastor who received his B.A. in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan and his M. Div from what is now called Gateway Seminary in the LA area. He studied spiritual formation at the Avila Institute for 7 years. He is now semi-retired and lives in Kelowna with his wife Jamie. He has two grown children. His former books are Right With God: The Basics, and Enjoying God: Prayer and Spiritual Formation.